Looking for a bar for big groups? Three Dollar Deweys is the place to go!


Planning a memorable gathering with a large group in Portland, Maine? Look no further!

Portland is a charming coastal city with a culinary reputation known far and wide. While there are many fantastic dining venues to choose from, it can be challenging for large groups to find a spot to eat. One of the most reliable spots for groups to eat in Portland, ME is Three Dollar Deweys. 


As Portland’s Original Ale House, $3 Deweys has always been a place for groups to gather. Featuring sets of long tables with church pews for seating, we can easily accommodate your group of friends or family. Whether you’re in town for a bachelor/bachelorette party, linking up with old friends from school, or traveling with a big family, this is an easy spot to grab food and drinks as a group. 


Located in the heart of Portland’s historic Old Port district, Three Dollar Deweys has been a local favorite since 1980. This iconic pub effortlessly blends fantastic food, an extensive beer selection, live music, and a welcoming ambiance. Named the “Best Pub in Portland” in 2022 and 2023, we have an indoor capacity of 225, making us one of the largest bars in the city. 


It can be hard to please everyone in a big group. Our menu features a mouthwatering array of pub classics and comfort foods, guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters. With a surprisingly large selection of vegan and gluten menu items,, we can meet everyone’s needs regardless of dietary restrictions. There’s something for everyone here!



For beer enthusiasts, Three Dollar Deweys is a paradise. We’re the original craft beer bar in this town and are credited with being the first place in Portland to pour a pint of draft beer. We now have 42 draft lines featuring local local brews and international favorites. 



If you want to make sure there’s space for you and your crew, give us a call at 207-772-3310 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.


See you and your group at Deweys!